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UI and UX for Web Design

Web design is a vast topic and it can’t be covered in a single article. However, the soul of all design and development has been on two pillars. and these are Functionality and User Experience and Interface. Today we will focus on user experience


UI is is the abbreviation of User Interface which covers the style, look and design aspects of a website. It all starts by discovering user experience and requirements. Once those are established, a web designer will find to create easy ways to create a visitor journey step by step so that it becomes easy for purchase and good as possible inflow of the journey. Its all about creating interface components like buttons, menus, search appearances, etc.

In simpler words, it is all about ”how easy is it for the user to complete the desired task?. It covers all the user screens and visual touch points. It is all about the presentation of how a user will look and feel.


UX stands for User Interface and it covers the whole project like instead of being focused on individual components like UI. In UX, a fundamental structure or project skeleton is created which then is decorated with the help of UI. Its all about how a user feels while being on a website and completing a particular task.

UI & UX in Web Designing
UI & UX in Web Designing


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